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Greetings to my ABCW friends.

I haven't been able to participate in this week's round ( letter G) due to circumstances beyond my control. Firstly I reached a certain age that a lot of ladies prefer not mention, and secondly as most know, I lost my dear sister recently. Losing her has hit me like a sledge hammer, thus not being able to concentrate on much !Fear not Roger, I am preparing  the introduction for next week (letter H), HOPEFULLY we can get things back to normal in this HOUSEHOLD. Life has been so HECTIC of late.... now then, where's my favourite pen and my little lap top cat, so I can start writing again ?
Best wishes to all ABCW--- ers
Thanks to Roger, Denise  and Leslie for all that you do for ABCW.

My favourite things.

Since the death of my dear sister Norma I still find it difficult to concentrate on writing, when I'm feeling sad I try to think of my Favourite things.... Of course this will bring to mind the wonderful scene in the movie of The Sound Of Music where the legendary Julie Andrews sang to the 'Von Trapp' children, whilst there was a fearsome thunderstorm......
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens, Brown paper packages tied up in string,'These are a few of my favourite things'.

My favourite fireplace, where I sit in my comfy reclining chair, usually with Chloe Cat sitting on my lap, whilst I tap away on the keyboard.

E stands for Endings and Endearment.

As many of my friends on ABCW may know, my dear sister Norma passed away on the 28th December 2015.She was suffering from the terrible affliction of Type 1 Diabetes incurring sight loss and eventually kidney and heart failure.  I just couldn't believe that my lovely 'big sister's' life had sadly Ended.All that I could think of was that my clever vivacious sister, of almost seventy years was no longer here. The last couple of times when we saw her she didn't recognise me, yet recognised Ian, she just stared at me blankly. At present my grief knows no bounds, grief is very much a subjective thing, I know my dear brother Clive is grieving but it's something we don't yet seem  able to share. I can't bear to think of how she was when she was so poorly, so I have the image of the picture below, in my mind, when she was so  Endearingly lovely.She was such a kind and supportive sister to Clive and I and looked after us a lot when Mum had  to work. It was Norma…