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L stands for

Lewis Carroll.Lewis Carroll Is the pen name of an Oxford Don and Anglican Deacon Charles Lutwidge Dodd, he wrote the legendary story 'The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland'It is, in my view, a fantasy story for children and adults alike.
  I read this in junior school and found it rather scary, but when good old Walt Disney turned it into an animated movie I got a better feeling about it and could see the writing for what it was.. a tale of fantasy. Lewis Carroll was born in a small Cheshire village called Daresbury just 20 miles from my home.  His father was the Anglican Parish Priest there  when LC   was growing up.  Ken Dodd, a much loved comedian from Liverpool,  has recorded a series of readings from the story, they are held at the Lewis Carroll Centre in the village. As the Alice in Wonderland tale is so long and complex, oozing with wonderful zany characters and wise and witty sayings, I've compiled a few extracts and images, from the book for you to enjoy. The main …

K stands for

King Witlaf's  Drinking Horn. ( By Henry W Longfellow),

Witlaf a King of the Saxons, Ere yet his last  he breathed To the merry monks of Croyland His drinking horn bequeathed--,
 That whoever they sat at their revels, And drank from the golden bowl,  They might remember the donor And breath a prayer for his soul.  So sat they once at Christmas And bade the goblet pass; In their beards the red wine glistened Like dewdrops in the grass.  They drank to the soul of Witlac, They drank to Christ the Lord, And to each of the Twelve Apostles, Who had preached his holy word.  They drank to Saints and Martyrs, of the dismal days of yore, And as soon as the horn was empty, They remembered one Saint more. And the reader droned from the pulpit, Like the murmur of many bees, The legend of good Saint Guthlac, And Saint Basil's homilies. Till the great bells of the convent, from their prison in the tower, Guthlac and Bartholomaeus,  Proclaimed the midnight hour.And theYule -log cracked in the chim…

J for Jubilee,

A poem for The Diamond Jubilee by Pam Ayres. Pam is a celebrated English poet, comedienne, and song writer, She is a writer of some hilarious monologues and presents Radio and TV programmes.

Dad took me to the local pub in 1953,  They had a television set, the first I'd ever see,
 To watch the Coronation, I knew it sounded grand, Although at six years old, the word was  hard to understand.But little kids like me and others all around the world, We saw the magic crown: we saw magnificence unfurled,

 A brand new Queen created, the emergence and the birth, And the Abbey seem a place between the Heaven and the Earth.
Certain pictures linger when considering the reign, Hauntingly in black and white, a platform and a train, The saddest thing I ever saw, more sharp than any other, Prince Charles, The little boy who had to shake hands with his mother. 

I stands for Incompatible.

Incompatible: by Vivien Wade.Some say we're incompatible It seems that most agree, We don't belong together Should be independent and free.

 Why do people judge us,  when we in each delight? Having different tastes just adds To a mixture that's just right.

We're joined together as a pair, Like a hand fits in a glove, And the pleasure it can give, spreads to others with our love. You may begin to wonder why,  We've stayed attached this long, How did we get so popular And proved so many so wrong?

 We'll let you hear our secret, Then all of you can share,  Peanut butter and chocolate Are a very compatible pair..

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H from Homer - hippoptamus then to Happy!

HOMER."Hateful to me as the gates of  Hadesis that the man who hides  one  Thing in his heartand speaks another".
In several of the 'classics' 'HADES' is often referred to as The Gates of Hell.

The HIPPOPOTAMUS. by  Ogden Nash.
 Behold The  Hippopotamus!We laugh at how he looks at us, And yet in moments dark and grim, I wonder how we look too him.
Peace, thou hippopotamus, !
We really look alright to us, As you no doubt delight the eye
 Of the other hippopotami.

The Hippopotamus. by Jack Prelusky. The huge Hippopotamus hasn't a hair on the back of his wrinkly hide; he carries the bulk of his prominent hulk assembled loosely inside.

The huge Hippopotamus lives without a care  at a slow philosophical pace, as he wades in the mud with a thump and a thud and a permanent grin on his face.
A smiling hippopotamus.
In my imagination these Happy Hippos are dancing 'The Bump', when in reality they are part of the troop of Hippos dancing to the  'Dance of the H…