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G stands for Gocek

Gocek in a lovely little village on the edge of a yachting marina . The bay is surrounded by verdant forests that run right down to the water. It's hard to imagine so much greenery in such a hot country.
The village with the mosque in the centre
The Turkish cuisine. Baked lamb with herbs
Pide Turkish type Pizza with fragrant minced lambAssorted Mezzes usually eaten as a light meal or appetizer.

A local lady preparing Pide which is a Turkish pizza with finely minced lamb and fragrant herbs and spices, simple and so delicious.
A market stall selling fragrant herbs and spices, I always used to stock up when visiting.
The beautiful ceramics, many hand painted and glazed. Whenever I think of Turkey I think of colour and fragrant smells, I have many dishes and bowls that I 've collected over the years. This holiday was primarily a 'chill out' holiday as we both had been working very hard, me in a busy stockbroking office and Ian as a Senior Account Executive for a nati…

F stands forThe Fairy Chimneys.

Whilst staying on the Eastern Mediterranean part of Turkey, in an small  coastal town called Side (pronounced see-deh), we decided to embark upon a trip to near the central  part of Turkey, visiting a region of great interest, called Cappadocia,  the home of the mystical ,                      ' FAIRY CHIMNEYS'. The breathtaking view that greeted us.

FABULOUS! Something we shall never forget.We boarded a coach with enormous windows that gave us stunning views of this amazing, phenomenally ancient place, It was almost like a 3-D space movie. Whilst we gazed in wonder, the soundtrack  from the '2001 Space Odyssey' filtered through, totally awesome!

Many people commented upon how phallic these formations looked, but I couldn't possibly comment !

Cappadocia with the many homes that are built into the rocks, forming cave like dwellings. There are some lovely boutique hotels, in the centre along with locantas' and designer shops.. sadly, the 21st century rears it'…

E stands for Ephesus.

Among the many wonderful memories of our  holidays in Turkey, are of a visit to the most  amazing ruins, I have ever seen. We stood on the top of a hill and looked down upon the most wondrous sight ever. There was a long road lined by pillars which lead to the Library of Celcus. The beautiful turquoise blue sky created a wonderful backdrop for fa├žade of the library.
Ephesus is the site of an ancient city,  and it is the best preserved classical city in the eastern Mediterranean. It is among the best places in the world to get a feel what life was like in Roman times. Ancient Ephesus was a great trading and religious city, a centre for the cult of Cybele, the Anatolian fertility goddess. Under the influence of the Ionians Cybele became Artemis, the virgin goddess of the hunt and the moon.    A  fabulous temple  was built in her honour. When the Romans took over and made this the province of Asia, Artemis became Diana and Ephesus became the Roman provincial capital. It's temple of D…