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The Pedalogue arrives

On Wednesday, the 22nd of August, my dear blogging friend, Leslie, arrived in Liverpool,  to fulfil a long promised plan to say hello to me and our wonderful city.
I was so excited, Leslie was all I had imagined, and more !
 She is an amazing lady and has the most engaging smile, along with a most delightful and interesting personality.
We met at The Albert Dock, on the spectacular Liverpool waterfront.
 Leslie had her dear friend, Kathy with her, as her travelling companion. They had been travelling around South Wales, catching up with family and friends.
As many  of you know, Leslie hails from Vancouver on the west coast of Canada, she is a retired foreign laguages teacher and has many interests, including, photography and reading, She still teaches students, privately in her home, I guess this may fund her travel activities!
Like many people who live in British Commonwealth Countries, she has many forebears in the UK, and is very proud of her heritage.
She loved The Albert Dock and…