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Then I saw him standing there.

Many years ago I was the witness,(matron of honour),at a friend's marriage, to a chap I had introduced her to. There were two single men also attending the wedding. One was a M. Ross, Esq. and the other was DT, (Darling Trubes).
As I had introduced my friend to her soon to be husband, she was hell-bent on returning the compliment.
Still smarting from recently being divorced, I really had no intention of diving headlong into another relationship so soon, despite my friend's bungled efforts to 'match-make'!

We arrived at the Registry Office, and then.....

I saw him standing there!
Well..My heart went boom,
When I crossed the room,
and..He held his hand in mine...

We proceded with the Marriage ceremony and every time I turned around to check that the five children were ok, (my three, and my friend's two), all I could see was DT siiting in the centre of the children, with a smiling face and twinkling eyes.
The children behaved impecably throughout the ceremony. It must have b…