J for random J's,

Thomas Jefferson. 1743-1826. Was the third President of the United States 1801-1809. He was a highly educated man, an American Founding Father, also he was the principal author of the 'Declaration of Independence'. He coined the phrase ......'All men are created equal',  which in my mind has an ironic twist because he owned  plantations with hundreds of slaves working on them. To be fair to him he did inherit them from a relative. In 1807 Jefferson signed the Act Prohibiting Importation of Slaves.Moving on from Jefferson's statement 'All men are created equal' The highly acclaimed  novel by British writer George Orwell Animal Farm ( A brief synopsis of the story).It evolves around a group of animals lead by the pigs, they decide to take over the farm and run it themselves, Old Major the oldest boar dies and the two younger boars Napoleon and Snowball, tired of the drunken farmer Mr Jones mistreating them drive him away,  renaming the farm from Manor Farm in…

I for Ink.

I love writing with Fountain pens that I can fill up with real INK.  My favourite pens aremade by Watermans in Paris,  I have a fine collection of three ! Two are displayed below,  along with my cherished gold Parker Propelling Pencil with which I like (attempt) to complete cryptic crosswords.The Ink I use is called Parkers Quink which I believe is the best one can buy, I have used it since my primary school days.In all it's splendour, (above)  may I present to you, the original bottle of Parkers Royal Blue Quink INK.
I cannot begin to tell you the joy I felt, when I was presented with a fountain pen, an exercise book and bottle of Parkers INK (Quink). This was for the Easter term spelling prize, in my year.
When I first learnt to write we began with pencil then progressed with a pen and a pot of INK.
The pot of INK fitted neatly in an ink well which was in the top left hand side of my desk.

Heart Happiness Humour..

I like to feel that I'm generally a Happy person and try to be optimistic when faced with a problem. The worse thing that can beset a person of my years is failing Health.I'm afraid to say that the time has arrived, My darling Husband Ian has to have Heart surgery to repair a leaky valve and to fit a stent in an artery. We have one of the finest Heart and Chest Hospitals in the world so that is a comfort to a wife who is a natural worrier!However,before his Heart is fixed he had to go on Dialysis as his kidneys are not functioning well. This has been going on for quite some time but now is 'crunch' time. He is, at present, having a tube fitted so that he can have a saline drip to do the work  of his failing kidneys. The 'up' side of this the treatment can be done at home, instead of being Hooked up three times per week to a Dialysis machine at the unit. Also it can be done at night whilst he is sleeping... so dear readers, my Heart aches for him. I hate to thin…

G for St George's Hall Liverpool.

Night time shot of the Hall.

St George's Hall stands on a plateau in the centre of the City of Liverpool. It is widely recognised by
Architectural historians who regard it as one of the finest neo- Grecian buildings in the world. In 2004 the hall and surrounding area were recognised as part of Liverpool's World Heritage Site.
This picture is of the main hall, looking down to the magnificent organ. The floor is composed of over 30,000 Minton tiles.Above is the Dance Hall, with such a beautiful ceiling.
Cleaners carefully restoring a very precious and valuable floor. The floor is mainly covered by a removable floor to protect it. The interior of the hall is considered to be one of the greatest created by Sharples and Pollard.
The almost circular Concert Room was lavishly decorated and was often used by Charles Dickens, when he gave his Penny Recitals to the poor people of Liverpool.
My sincere thanks to Denise, Roger, Leslie and all the ABCW team, withoout their GOOD and GREAT effort…

E for Euphemisms.

A Euphemism is the substitution of a mild, indirect or vague term for one to be considered harsh, blunt or offensive. This is sometimes called double speak.
More Euphemisms.  You aren't poor you are economically disadvantaged. You aren't broke you have temporary negative cash flow problems. Just as you sit down to dinner, drat! the blessed phone goes, it's a call from a poltical party wanting to know which way you're going to vote. This is known as a courtesy call, only courtesy has little to do with it's just 'Effing' annoying. (apologies for the Ef )but it does begin with 'E'.If you say you were 'Economical with truth', well that means you've just told a whopper!
 Remember Pinocchio ?He was a little boy puppet who turned into a real boy. However he was told by the Blue Fairy that he was to be truthful, polite and honest at all she cast a spell upon him, so if at any time he told a lie his nose would grow..... Needless …

D for Dreams.

As you all probably know I am a great Poetry fan,
I came across this sweet little verse a while ago, 
I liked it so much that  put it my special little,
 ABCW book of ideas,
to use at an appropriate time, as now.
I do hope you like it.

DREAMS.....  by Langston Hughes.
Hold fast to dreams
for if dreams die,
Life is a broken winged bird
That cannot fly
Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go.
Life is a barren field
frozen with snow.

Childhood Dreams.

When I was a small child
 I used to DREAM of 
 'Never Never Land'
It was a place where children never
grew up and had wonderful adventures
The story is the classic children's story
called Peter Pan, written by J.M. Barrie.
Peter was a boy who refused to grow up.
he would fly out of his bedroom window
taking with him a few friends he also had a special
friend in Tinkerbell the fairy.
They had many adventures in Neverland and 
Peter had several skirmishes with Captain Hook
and a ticking crocodile.                     

Eventually during their final skirm…

C for Cities

The City of  Bolzano in The Southern Tyrol. This is a delicious plate of a cured pork which is lightly smoked in the farms in the surrounding mountains and pasturelands. A selection of local hand
cheeses again derived from the cattle
that graze in the verdant pastures and mountainsides bedecked with fragrant herbs.

This the the local tipple called Grappa, it is a distillate without additives or refining substances, It is a type of Pomace brandy and delicious served with Prosecco.

One of the stunning views on the drive to the City of Bolzano.After making two attempts to write a CONTINUATION of my previous posts firstly about a visit to Austria then follwing on last week about a visit to the CITY of Bolzano in the Southern Tyrol.My PC has decided to lose all the wordage and lovely pictures that I  had collected then put together for my meme. I am just trying to post some more pictures of the goes for the third attempt!
Time stands still in this breathtakingly beautiful…